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It’s not a real stretch of my imagination to say thank you on Thanksgiving. But that doesn’t make it any less sincere. At this time last year, we were coming out of an emotionally exhausting and frustrating period. We spent the first four months of our, like, “official” existence trying to chase down a physical space where we could build a world-class theater. Thank God we failed. But still, it was a frustrating and time-consuming start. Then, we pulled out of Afghanistan. I’ll only say that having left Afghanistan not even 12 months before, having been very dissatisfied at my time there and having Afghan commandos I personally knew reaching out to me, I took on probably a lot more than I should have to keep our friends alive. It was an emotionally draining, sleep-deprived ten weeks. I’m still not completely sure how, in the middle of all that, we found time to conceive of the Parlor, design the space, and cast the initial “proof of concept” performances. But we did, and by Thanksgiving last year, we’d pulled off three “proof of concept” performances at the Parlor and we were about 12 or 15 episodes into the Savage Wonder podcast.

As I look back at this time last year, I cannot believe how much is in our rear-view mirror. Over the past year, we showcased over 75 veteran performing and visual artists from across the country through the Savage Wonder Festival, the Savage WonderGround in Alexandria, VA, the weekly podcast (we just released our 53rd episode!), our Write Loud shows on Instagram Live, and our daily literary blog. We awarded $25,000 in grants to veteran playwrights, welcomed 2 playwrights into the Artists-in-Residence program, conducted 2 workshops of veterans’ plays, and presented 30 performances at The Parlor. And I’m not even mentioning the 13 plays that we have in various stages of development.

And then there’s you. If you’re like most people, the one thing you jealously guard is your leisure time. That you’ve chosen to spend any of it with us is something we don’t take lightly. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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Savage Wonder podcast episode 53 is live! My guest this week is Marine Corps Combat Artist Kris Battles. Listen at #savagewonder #veteranpodcast #warriorartist #vetrep #veteransrepertorytheater #marinecorpscombatartistprogram
A quick thank you to everyone for last night’s incredible Savage WonderGround debut!
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Dex is the fourth and final artist for our fast approaching performance. A Marine, poet, and human swiss army knife, she's been with us as an artist since last Veterans Day, and an official part of the VetRep team since March. Her writing has been featured in our blog, Lethal Minds Journal, and Dirtbag Magazine. With a killer stage presence you won't want to miss, see her live this Friday at 7pm at the @principlegallery in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. Tickets can be reserved through the link in our bio. 

Follow her at @squat.rack.poet
Read her work at @vetreptheater , @lethal.minds.journal , and @dirtbagmagazine
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William Bolyard got on stage with us back in May, and we're thrilled to host him again in just 8 short days! He's bringing brand new material in a form you haven't read or heard from him before, so get your tickets now before you miss the show. 

Our very first Savage WonderGround will be performed at the @principlegallery in Old Town, Alexandria on Nov. 11th, featuring @just_buck , @_invadergirl_ , @thewalkingtenor , and @squat.rack.poet
Tickets can be reserved through the link in our bio!

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The third artist we've invited to perform at our upcoming Savage WonderGround is William Bolyard. Army Veteran (although he'd rather you just call him a writer), and proud Dirtbag. He's authored one book of poetry, "Sober Man's Thoughts", with more on the way, and founded @dirtbagmagazine with a tight-knit group of fellow writers and artists. Listen to him live at our upcoming show in Old Town, Alexandria, VA, at the @principlegallery
Tickets can be reserved at the link in our bio
📸 @deadshutter_designs

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If you haven't heard our episode with Jesus Daniel Hernandez, @thewalkingtenor , it's probably the most Dickensian life story we have ever featured on the show. Jesus immigrated to the US at 14 from Mexico, found himself working a string of low-end jobs as a young father, enlisted in the Army, deployed to Iraq...and then magic happened. He was plucked from the military and thrust into the top tier of classical singers by Placido Domingo and Carlos Slim. It is an inspirational story that continues to unfold. A true pleasure to discuss everything from CBRNE school to the diva mentality of the singing elite. Listen at 

Hear him live at our very first Savage WonderGround in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. Tickets can be found through the link in our bio.

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Drinks, a grazing table and four badass veteran writers and artists. All at the stunning Principle Gallery in beautiful Old Town Alexandria. It will be a Veterans’ Day evening you won’t forget.

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