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Dex is not just the Managing Producer here at VetRep, she's also a writer, and a returning performer at this April's Savage WonderGround. As part of the driving force behind the WonderGround concept, Dex has been instrumental in bringing it to life.

"Savage WonderGround is an opportunity to immerse the audience in a story through multiple artforms. In our first performance back in November we got to marry poetry and prose in complementary story lines, that came together with a musical element at the end. This time I'm really looking forward to reading with Charles (@mccaffrey.charles) and having that musical element being a more central part of the performance. Writing in a tighter narrative has also been a great experience and somewhat different to how I typically write poetry, but that's the exciting part about a WonderGround, it's unique every time, so it's the perfect chance to try new things as a writer and performer." 

You can get tickets to this April's performance through the link in our bio, and we'll see you April 13th at the @principlegallery in Old Town, Alexandria, VA! You can follow Dex at @squat.rack.poet

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Savage Wonder podcast, episode 70 with Neville Johnson. Neville was born and raised in South Africa by a Mum who was a Nurse and a Dad who was a Police Officer. This early exposure to a life of service to country influenced his most significant life decisions. Before he started writing, this path took him to the United Kingdom, where he ended up in London as a member of her Majesty’s Royal Infantry.

Neville currently resides in New Zealand with his wife and three children. He works at a high school as the Pathways Coordinator, assisting young people in developing essential life skills for their transition into the workforce. 

His first book, Sangin, Then and Now, is a stoic collection of poetry from a lifelong loyal subject of the Commonwealth. The verses within tell the story of a young man following in the footsteps of his father as we accompany him on a journey to war and back.

It is a rationale for the dangers we face in staying in a toxic relationship with professions and landscapes trying to swallow us whole.

Have a listen at or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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#WriteLoud for #worldstorytellingday An incredible lineup of gifted storytellers in different media - storyteller @mccaffrey.charles writer @shairi_engle artist @sisu4life and singer/songwriter extraordinaire @loganvath Felt great to be back hosting, beardless and getting ready for Savage WonderGround: Three Strangers on April 13! #linkinbio 

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Charles McCaffrey is coming to the stage with us in April for our second Savage WonderGround performance in Old Town, Alexandria. Catch our interview with him on our Savage Wonder Podcast, and follow him here @mccaffrey.charles 

“I’ve been interested in the arts my entire life. As a kid, I always had a notebook and a box of
crayons with me; drawing and writing about people, places and things both real and imagined.
And now, as an adult, I still carry a pen and sketchpad with me everywhere I go. My work is
greatly influenced by my time in the military. I had the good fortune of seeing the world; and my
art/writing reflects images and impressions of the places I visited, the people I met, and the
many experiences I had during my travels. I enjoy using a wide variety of mediums: from short
story writing and poetry to photography, drawing and painting. Different mediums allow me to
express different ideas and impressions.” #savagewonderground #veteransrepertorytheater #immersiveart #spokenword #storytelling #veteranartist #thingstodoinalexandria
#throwbackthursday to our first Savage WonderGround, and seeing our own Artistic Director and founder in a rare performance. Chris is already hard at work developing the next WonderGround with our artists and we can't wait to be back in the @principlegallery this coming April. 

📸 @deadshutter_designs

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We’ve got a lot of big news coming at VetRep. Which explains partially why this post is coming later in the week than normal. But also, this is part of our shameless “Charles McCaffrey” week where we’re talking up one of the linchpins of our upcoming Savage WonderGround: Three Strangers show in Old Town Alexandria. Yes, you can get tickets - And listen to our show with Charles to learn why you really should. 

Charles McCaffrey is a Navy Veteran with over 35 years of military, government contracting and small business experience; and is a serial entrepreneur, instructor, mentor and ardent supporter of the military community. Charles serves as the Director of the Veterans Career Program (VCP) at Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) that provides FREE employment support and vocational counseling assistance to ALL veterans, transitioning service members, spouses, and caregivers. 

He is also an avid storyteller, writer and artist; and has been a mentor with the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP).

 Charles told his first story on stage in 2017 as a graduate of the Armed Services Arts Partnership (ASAP) Storytelling 101 class; and has since gone on to perform at ASAP’s Service to Stage performance (DC Improv in 2018), Story District’s annual OutSpoken show (9:30 Club in 2019), and Story District’s TopShelf performance (Lincoln Theater in 2020). His first short story (fiction), “Dancing in the Dark,” will be published in a special literary issue of the Journal of Veterans Studies in Spring 2023.

Have a listen at

Get tickets to Savage WonderGround: Three Strangers at

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Meet Logan Vath @loganvath 3/3

Who or what are your biggest artistic inspirations?

My family. My upbringing in small towns. The many varieties of trees in my yard. The small admissions strangers give you after a few drinks in a strange bar. Strange bars. People being kind to others when they know they need it most. Beefeater. 

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Meet Logan Vath @loganvath 2/3

What does your creative process look like?

I’m not the most disciplined person, so when I find the time to prioritize music, I try and get a song out of it (not always successfully). Process typically begins with inspiration which, for me, is often in the form of a change or a nostalgic feeling. I have two young boys and I find them to be very inspiring little creatures. I like to write fairly word heavy and personally enjoy alliteration within cadence (in a perfect world, I write children’s books - but, you know, they last longer than a couple minutes). I write melody simultaneously along with words and typically add music later. Very rarely (never) do I just write poetry (jealous of those that do). 

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Meet Logan Vath. Navy Veteran, musician, and performer at our upcoming Savage WonderGround in April. @loganvath 1/3

Why do you create through music?

I moved around a lot as a kid; friendships were tough to come by and harder to make last. I found music early on as a cohesive piece of life that I could take with me from place to place. Through obsessive listening I created a decent set of habits and instincts and, with that, it’s always been the most natural place for me to create. I have a pretty awful attention span and songs only last a couple minutes which makes the fit secure. Live music is also an experience that is so heavily embedded into my youth - it’s what all of my most important moments and friendships were built on. 

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VetRep is coming back to @principlegallery with Savage WonderGround: Three Strangers on April 13. We’d like to introduce the artists that will be a part of this performance. 

Singer/Songwriter Logan Vath will be joining us, bringing the narrative to life through his original music.  Logan is a Navy veteran and you can stream his latest album, Lost on Leaving, on Spotify. You can follow him at @loganvath

Join us on April 13th at the Principle Gallery in Old Town, Alexandria, VA. Get your tickets to the show through the link in our bio!

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